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Wing mirror

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Hi all. Does anyone know how to replace the wing mirror casing with the light in an 04 beetle? Mine is cracked and have a replacement but don't know anyone who can change it. Thanks, Carrie
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What exactly is a wing mirror?
The only mirrors are on the doors and inside the cabin.

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The wing mirrors are the same as side mirrors (on the door), a common way to refer to those mirrors in the UK and elsewhere :)

Carrie: I do not know how to remove those, someone will chime in soon who has done it before. Welcome to the ORG :)
Well I have done it. And it is a PIA.
The mirror has 3 bolts if I remember correct. One of them is on the door hinge. There is also a screw that can hold you up till ya find it. It is under the door glass rubber seal. You will also need to take off the inside door panel. I think I had about 4hrs into it. I should note, when I say 4hrs, this was at my friends shop who is a master mechanic. If I had been doing myself, it would have been a lot much longer R&R. One of the hardest parts was fishing the wiring harness thru the door.

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Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and post a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
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