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Apologies for my first post being a cry for help!*
I've only just purchased my first beetle-a 1.6 2002 model.*

The problem I have is the wipers don't work properly.*
I've done a search and read lots of great posts, however I'm not quite sure what my particular problem is and what to try first-here is what's happening;

The wipers sometimes work perfectly and are fine (ie not slow) which I feel rules out the linkage problem?
Sometimes they come on and stop mid screen, then just start going again
Other times they don't work at all. Sometimes not coming on at all or hesitating, then going.

When they don't work, or stop sometimes a nudge or wiggle on the blades gets them going again.

I'm thinking it's the relay, however the thing that's making me uncertain is the fact that a wiggle on the blades sometimes gets them going again and they work fine-wiggling the blades wouldn't affect the relay would it? Maybe the motor is dodgy?

Can anyone help shed light on this for me.

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