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wipers,horn,lites,fan all quite working fuses are good

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hey anyone have this problem I own a 2000 new bug and the lites went out the wipers quit working the horn quit and the heater fan switch won't work either but all the fuses are good wow I'm stumped and can't afford to take to a garage . Anyone have any ideas ? Just bought the car a month ago for my wife . I figure there must be some kind of breaker or relay but have no idea where to look . Please help
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Will it crank? Might be the battery or the connection to the battery may be loose. The radio might still work.
Ignition switch
What Smileybug said.
Ignition switch
Ding ding ding... We have a winner!

Yep, the dreaded ignition switch- happened to me....twice:eek:

when you replace the switch, please take notice of the wiring around the connector. the insulation over time will become brittle and deteriorate. When I replaced Cup's ig switch the first time, it was the switch itself. the second time, it was due to the wire insulation on the ig switch connector. this caused a short, and crapped out the ig switch. You can put liquid tape around the wiring, or JB waterweld- an epoxy putty with insulation properties, BUT it's best if you can get it rewired with better wiring (at least 6 or so inches of wire, not the whole harness) or find a replacement connector from a salvage yard.

Remember to check the wiring as well as replacing the switch.

And a big ditto on what Stephen said:D

All the best:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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