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So with my old car Blue, mostly during football season, I used to love writing on the windows. Mostly messages like below. The 13th man was my favourite (backstory: my team's arch rival lost the grey cup [cfl equivalent to the super bowl] because they got a too many men penalty on the last play of the game, giving the other team the opportunity to re-kick the field goal they missed to win the game. Had they not taken the penalty, they would have probably won. They're always joking about how they're the loudest fans and how their '13th man' is every other team's worst nightmare. Well now it's their worst nightmare [in the CFL you get 12 men on the field, not 11 like in the NFL. Our field is wider and longer, our end zone is bigger. Oh and our balls are bigger ;)])

Anywho, on Blue I used Crayola window crayons, which came off the windows nicely with a cloth and windex, but left a BIG mess on the window seals and body, which was hard to clean off. It wasn't really noticeable on the blue paint though. I'd like to be able to do something similar with Milk Stegall, but I know it will just look bad on the white paint!

I also tried some window markers that I found at Michael's but they were SUPER hard to get off. It took well over an hour and 2 magic erasers just to get "GO BLUE!" off the side window. Plus the gold on was barely visible.

I want something that can easily be taken off the windows and not too expensive so I can create a few messages. It has to be blue and gold/yellow. Anyone have any suggestions?

On a side note, I would always have people honking and waving at me (not like "meep! you drive like an idiot!" but "beeb beeeep beeb! I love the Bombers!") and coming up to me when I'd park Blue telling me how much they loved my car, which really made it fun!


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