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I accidentally posted in ROTM...but anyway...

Hi all. looking for a new beetle and have some questions if someone has the time.
I am going to buy a manual....more fun and hopefully less issues as I've heard the autos aren't that great.
I briefly owned a 98, and it was a pretty solid car, but the timing was wrong as we had little kids etc. and needed a minivan.
I don't want a turbo and the diesels are probably out of my price range/mileage so I'd like a "standard" motor.
My questions are:
Do all of them have timing belts? some years of hondas do and some dont.
Is there a "sweet spot" on years as far as reliability/features that I should stick with? or particular years to avoid?
Electrical gremlin models?
Are there certain models that have those desirable features that i'll kick myself for not getting when i find out about them?
Any other buying advice?
I am fairly handy, so i'll check it over well and a good test drive usually points out most issues but any other advice is appreciated.

thanks in advance,
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