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I need both door panels black upper/tan lower. I need both lower dash panels, drivers side in tan and glovebox in tan.

Purchased a beetle that was trashed and trying to fix it.

If anyone has these parts or can point me in a direction to get them please let me know.


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Welcome to the org family- glad you found us.

A big help would be for you to fill our your profile info, i.e. where you live and what type nB you have. This would help us serve your needs better.

Now on to the matter in hand. There's several orgers who over the past month have posted whole beetles to part out for sale. one yellow sport in South Carolina comes to mind. There's a few more- I'd check out the "marketplace" section.

There's also a "Random eBay finds" thread- click the red highlighted area to take you there. Maybe you'll find what you need there.

All the best and Merry Christmas.

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Lots and lots of door panels on eBay, so many in fact I never post them up on the Random eBay Finds thread. Here's a saved search I monitor where a lot of them show up

Ditto lower dash panels. Here's a saved search where they regularly show up, and a couple dismantlers who regularly list dash parts -

Your interior trim is properly called cream, but you will also see it listed as beige, or tan. All the same. All years interchange for most parts. Door panels are manual or electric, hatchback or vert specific. As to the black top, your black (L041) was used from '98-'05. There was no black in '06, and the '07-'10 is a different black.

Here's a killer deal on a cream glove box door, new. I haven't seen one new, or used for this kind of money, anywhere. I have contacted the seller, who is a GB Audi/VW Dealer and it is Genuine VW. If you need the whole assembly I believe there are a couple currently running, ditto the lower panel for the driver's side.
eBay Glove Box search -

There are also a bunch od part-outs running over on the Vortex NB Classifieds.


(Just saw a black glove box door I need on eBay, gotta go check it out, good luck with your search.)
Edit - Bought it! Thanks for your post getting me to check my saved searches, only been looking for this at a decent price for a year! (If it's not "as new" it'll be available here on the Org)


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