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I own a 1999 NB GLS 2.0 and most recently got a new BlackBerry and my mount on my current WCM cell phone holder is too small for it (mine is the second version for smaller phones from 2002-later) so I wanted to get the original cell phone mount for it (a much larger one from the late 90s-early 2000s which held older, larger phones), in which I disposed of after getting a Nokia 3285 phone in 2003. I looked all overf the web to see if anyone had one and "no dice".

I have the WCM mount (held in by the bud vase) but need to get the larger (older version) cell phone holder for it so I can use it with my BlackBerry, boy do I wish now I could never have disposed of it.

I can pay by PayPal.


Ray Jackson forum user ID: BIGHMW
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