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Yank in Oki, 1st VW and looking forward to it

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Hi all, going to check out and probably bring home an '01 beetle tomorrow. I am in Okinawa, Japan and will be buying this car for my wife. This will be my first VW to own, but not the first german car to work on. I've had an 89 325i 5spd, and still own an '01 330i 5spd. I'm expecting the usual from german cars: overengineering, parts in pretty horrible places to get to, brittle plastic parts that dont take heat or age well...and of course the firm suspension, tight steering, solid exterior construction, and comfortably understated interiors (all the things I love). I am expecting a plastic water pump that needs to be replaced/upgraded, thermostat, plastic around the radiator that needs to be checked, all made critical by an ''efficiently'' tinyamount of coolant in the system in a naturally hot running engine,and probably some form of common electrical issue or oil leak issue (google e46 ccv...fml). Anything I'm missing specific to the beetle?
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I would want to know if the timing belt and water pump have been replaced. If the one in it is a plastic impellar, it's probably original. :eek:

But, sounds like you have this under control, and I know you get everything right. Thank you!! :)

Welcome to the Org, and Welcome to the New Beetle. :party:

And, I take it you are in the service? Thank you for your service!! :bowdown:
Welcome from Texas! Looks like you're going to have some fun. We are sure glad you found us. And be sure to keep in touch! :)

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Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and post a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
Been busy! Got the bug, ordered the first round of parts to start overhauling the coolant system on their way, now I just have to figure out a headlight wiring problem...euro plug on the stock lights...US spec (3 prong) on the new aftermarkets that came with the car...and need to figure out how to transfer the headlight leveling motor to the new headlight housings...search didnt help much, any suggestions? Seems everyone else is converting from US to euro lights, I think I'm the only one going the other way. I will put up some pics when I figure this one out.
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