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Not sure if where this ad should go, so I'll try it here :)

ASKING $3,500

I am making the very difficult decision to sell my treasured 1962 Volkswagen Bug. I bought it not too long ago from a lady in my neighborhood with the intent to completely restore it and make it my own, but due to some financial issues, I won't be able to do this and it's just sitting alone in my garage.

The car is in really great condition especially considering the fact that it's almost 47 years old and has spent its life in the Pacific Northwest. The body is very straight with no visible dings, dents or major body damage and is painted Yellow. The only problems with the exterior are two areas where the paint has come off and rust has started to form. The first area is on the very bottom of the hood. It hits against the bumper when opening and closing which has caused the paint to chip off and rust to start forming. The other area is on the deck lid where again it hits against the bumper and the paint has chipped off but no rust has started back there. The paint is in good condition and trust me I get looks everywhere I go!

The interior is in great shape. The headliner has no rips, tears, or stains, the carpet is in good shape and the seats are also in tact and nice. The only problem is that the front seats don't seem to move back and forth easily at all. This should be easily fixed by removing them and greasing the tracks, but other than that everything is great. There is no stereo or heat knob, but the heat is on halfway and works great in the cold weather but not so strong that it's unbearable in the summer. The windshield wipers do also work, but will need replaced and there is a horn but it works very intermittently. Both doors shut and open easily and both windows go up and down, thought they're a little sticky and the wing windows are in great condition, open and close, and don't seem to leak at all.

Mechanically, it just doesn't get much better than this little guy. The engine is STRONG and obviously new or rebuilt, unfortunately I'm not sure which, the clutch is tight, all the lights work, and it does have a new brake system and gas tank. I've never had any issues with the car starting right up and it cruises in town or on the freeway like it was new. The trunk opens easily revealing a spare tire, new gas tank and even stays open on its own. The deck lid will need its spring replaced to stay open by itself but does open and close as usual. The pan is in really great shape other than an area about the size of a quarter where it has rusted through. The previous owner and myself have both kept it garaged and loved this little car so it is in truly good shape. I happen to have an original owners manual for a 1962 Bug that I'll throw in with the car along with a box of VW related odds and ends. I'm asking $3,500 for it because that's about what I paid for it and would like to break even but might consider offers
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nice lookin' bug---good luck on the sale.
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