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Yet Another Monsoon thread :)

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I've recently become the owner of a 2004 New Beetle GLS (1.8T, manual :)) Convertible with the upgraded monsoon system.

When i got the car, the following speakers were blown; door woofers, rear woofers and whatever mid/woofer things were in the dash.

I have disconnected the mid-things from the dash, leaving the functioning tweeters alone. I replaced all 4 woofers with identical 6.5" Pioneer coaxials. (Used MDF + 1" spacers to adapt from the 8" or so hole to 6.5" for the doors) I spliced the output of the door woofers with the front inputs at the amp, effectively running them parallel with the amp. sorry, forgot to mention, i replaced the head unit with a Pioneer as well.

I used the following as the wiring diagram;

Green (output)
1 + LR Woofer
2 - LR Woofer
3 + RR Woofer
4 - RR Woofer
5 + LR Tweeter
6 - LR Tweeter
7 + RR Tweeter
8 - RR Tweeter
9 + LF Tweeter
10 - RF Tweeter
11 - LF Tweeter
12 + RF Tweeter
13 - LF Woofer
14 + LF Woofer
15 - RF Woofer
16 + RF Woofer

Grey (input)
14 + LR
15 - LR
17 - RR
18 + RR
20 + LF
21 - LF
23 + RF
24 - RF
The result is that the door speakers seem perhaps a bit louder, but produce mostly bass. It sounds fine along with the dash tweeters. The rear speakers are sounding more midrange/high without nearly the bass response of the door speakers. i'm considering doing the same with the rear woofers (splicing with the rear channels before the amp input) to try and get more bass out of them.

So, why do my door woofers seem bass heavy (despite a direct line to the front channels from the head unit) while the rear woofers are more mid/high ?

iirc, i think i disconnected rear tweeters, but i believe the wire is parallel from the woofer to the tweets. is there like an in-line crossover between the speakers there and if i wired the amp using the tweeter side, that would be causing the rear woofers to be playing mostly high tones? i thought i read the rear woofers received full range, which is why i didn't run them parallel with the amp input. it looks like i may need to. i know this doesn't help answer my rear woofer question, so i guess i'd more appreciate understanding why the door woofers are mostly bass until i open up the back area again

thanks in advance!
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