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new black beetle 1.8T

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Hi everyone I wanted to share with you some photos of my project car.
I'm planning to upgrade my engine to 450HP, I already start buying parts for the engine, but before that, I did some upgrades on the car.
This can be a nice album of the project.


This is the car that I start with :) is not the greatest condition,but is good for the start.



Than I started changing the seats...

Cleaning the engine bay.:


I bought new rims for winter tires...In the same time I polished car part by part...



More pics in the next post :)
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Covered all the pieces with one layer of 35g glass surface(Tissue) and starter working with body filler...
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Boat Naval architecture Water Watercraft Vehicle
Gas Composite material Concrete Personal protective equipment Wood
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wet sanded and polish the rear left fender mold
Automotive tire Bicycle tire Wood Synthetic rubber Tire
Road surface Asphalt Cylinder Gas Tints and shades

Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Rim Tire

next step is lamination and vacuum bagging...
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Here is the cheap and most efficient way how to make it good "racing engine and transmission mounts" using Polyurethane Casting Rubber. I used Shore A70, but you can use anything between 60-85, everything below that will be too soft, and above will be too stiff...

Cut this and remove the oil from the inside...Properly clean, I used brake cleaner because it's very easy to use ...

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Auto part Electronic device Font Metal Rectangle

Same for the other one...In the time you are waiting for this one to cure enough you can continue with the rest of the mount you can prepare and do another one...
Automotive tire Hood Grey Bumper Automotive design

Carefully mask this side.

Luggage and bags Bag Hood Sleeve Grey

Slowly pour the casting rubber.

Gas Office equipment Auto part Gun accessory Metal

Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel

When the first one is cured enough that you can handle it.Depends on the product, but mine take less than 10 minutes to dry on the touch...Take and mask this side.
Rectangle Packing materials Automotive exterior Plastic Plastic wrap

Bicycle part Rim Automotive tire Auto part Metal

Hood Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Casting rubber is coming with component A and component B. How much do you need it?
For the middle part, we cut and removed oil you need around 100g for the main holes on the mounts you need around 230g for both of them... A+B=560g
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Just removed the tape, all looks good and clean!
Stapler Gas Office equipment Tin Rectangle

Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Rectangle Metal
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Fitting Intercooler - Treadstone TR8C - 575 HP

Here is the marked part you have to trim...to be able to fit.
Boat Wood Watercraft Vehicle Automotive exterior

Also, this plastic needs to be trimmed a bit as well.

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Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle Hood Automotive exterior

Plan to fit the oil cooler above and then make a hole in the bumper.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Water Wood Cloud Parallel Tints and shades

For now, all looks good.
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Finally, have something to show...Work hard on the rear bumper and fenders. Still, I need to trim a bit and fit correctly, but the parts are ready to use...

Here you can see molds and one of the model I made.
Chair Tints and shades Gas Metal Composite material

Automotive tire Grey Rectangle Automotive exterior Tints and shades
Bumper Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Tints and shades
Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire
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Light and strong,I'm so supriced how light is...
I used 1x 225g chopped strand matt and 2x450g chopped strand matt

Automotive tail & brake light Hood Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

There is a still big gap,but that is because is not fitted yet.

Here is the final product...
Helmet Automotive lighting Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design

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Oh wow this is amazing. Loving the build can't wait to see more!
Oh wow this is amazing. Loving the build can't wait to see more!
Thank you for your support!
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